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Jointly development of  a Decision Support  System for agricultural production risk constructed on a GIS environment

Jointly set-up an Intervention System of methods and means to control agricultural production risks

Jointly implementation and dissemination of the Integrate System for precise and sustainable management of agricultural production risks


Study to develop of a Decision Support System for precise and sustainable management of agricultural production risks.

Study to drawing-up of the Intervention System, based on the most appropriate means and methods to control the agricultural production risks specific to Dobroudja

Setting up the AgRiMaNet, network of farmers and professionals involved on management of agricultural production risks.

Data base and internet portal for communication and promotion. Training for farming, processing and marketing. Technological and know how transfer.  Conferences, workshops, information, publicity.


Studies, informatics Decision Support System; database for Intervention System means and methods, network, internet portal, e-training program, practical training program, 2 AgRiMaNet laboratories and 2 info centers, educational video program, promotional materials

Target Groups

Farmers, Professionals from local and de-centralized public administrations, Collegians and teachers from professional high schools of agriculture